IOWA Caucus Whahala. The Curious case of Winning – Ted Cruz

Who won in IOWA?

The IOWA caucus has come and gone.  Who were the winners and losers of the night?


The voting public.  Tons of people got up early, cut out of work, left their very comfortable homes and braved the weather to got vote for their candidate and walked into old style political tactics

The GOP caucus voters had to deal with the misinformation  from the Cruz campaign about Ben Carson dropping out of the race and redirecting possible Carson voters to vote for Cruz. Nobody likes to be taken advantage of or tricked into making a such an important decision with very bad intel.

Ted Cruz: ‘I am running for president of the United StatesPhoto: Post Politics
On the democratic side you were left shaking your head wondering if the world had gone temporarily mad.  After all hard work put in by the candidates, volunteers and voters, it came down to the flipping of a coin 6 different times in 6 different locations to figure out a winner and possible leader of the free world. REALLY?

And of course candidates were also losers.


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