The Jumoke and Blessing Ogah effect on street Hawking Trade – and Lady Luck

The Streets … where (moths) em …can turn into Beautiful Butterflies, overnight!

The  good fortune of Olajumoke Orisaguna the “Agege bread” hawker and Felicia Ogah (Abuja) life seems to have permeated the streets. 

You’ve got to come out with your A game. There is always dignity in labor

Photo:Ambode Obsarver
Hawkers looking correct at work showing grace and elegance

Earlier in the year, similar fortune smiled upon Felicia Ogah a street hawker in Abuja.
Felicia Ogah: From street hawker to in-demand model

 Street  hawkers  seem to have sharpened their game and presentation realizing that divine favor may shine in an instant and you’ve got to be ready at the drop of a hat. 

Check out the lady below, looking sharp in yellow T-shirt and black leggings with wares balanced ever so delicately on her head.

   Photo credit: Ambode Obsarver 
Rock it, till you make it
Photo: TYBello
Jummy. The current rave, started as a street hawker.


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