Sirleaf appoints her Son Head of Central Bank of Liberia

President Ellen Sirleaf adamant in her appointment of her son as head Liberia’s apex bank
Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson appoints one of her sons, Charles Sirleaf, as Head of Liberia’s Central Bank
Liberia’s central bank board has elected the son of Nobel Peace Prize winning President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as its interim Executive Governor.
Charles Sirleaf,, formerly a Deputy Governor who has worked for the bank since 2004 and will maintain this position of interim Head of Central bank for an indefinite period. Charles Sirleaf takes over from Joseph Mills Jones, left to prepare his candidacy for a presidential election in the West African country due to take place in 2017.

…The Sirleaf men are favored men in Liberia
Photo: TLCAfrica
Charles, Robert, Fumba, Adama, Jes Sirleaf on innauguratio day

This will  be the third child of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf , has been appointing  family members and other allies to key positions through out her presidency.
Charles Sirleaf, New head of Liberia’s Central Bank
Fumba Sirleaf: Adviser National Security Agency.

The President’s appointment of Rob to chair the board of the NOCAL resulted in cries of nepotism and corruption, something that prompted his resignation from the two portfolios.
Photo: HeritageLiberia
Robert  Sirleaf: Favorite son, formerly Chairman of NOL

Other family members that have benefited greatly for her presidency are Robert Sirleaf, was both chairman of the National Oil Company of Liberia and senior adviser to the president until he resigned in 2013. Fumba Sirleaf, her stepson, is the head of the National Security Agency.

Courtesy: Reuters


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