All in a Dogs Life – Service dogs

Dogs, man’s best friend
Service dogs at work 

… A boy and his best friend
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});  These two sure do love each other ❤️ boys best friend.

Mia and Ethan I

I thank God everyday for sending Mia to be in our lives. It’s amazing to see Ethan’s love for her grow. We rarely have sleepless nights because she sleeps with him.
Shopping becomes to much at times.
Two buddies keeping each other company

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 Hugo and Koda playing at the park this weekend! Love those smiles
  He stays as close to her as he can while she sleeps..
 Easton had an awful night terror tonight…sweet Ardie didn’t leave his side!  

The autism service dogs can’t completely eliminate meltdowns, but they sure help with the recovery

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 Point and counterpoint
Koda helping his boy wait for the doctors 

Courtesy: huffingtonpost-canada


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