Bil Cosby and the Bright Lights- Now He is suing one of his alleged Victims

Bill Cosby must enjoy being in the lime light even if negative

He’s Reportedly Suing Andrea Constand And Her Mother. 
… I thought he’d be suing for peace. 

According to NBC News, Bill recently filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Andrea Constand, one of his many accusers. Apparently her accusations led to one of his most recent arrests. He is now targeting Andrea, her mother, her lawyer and the publisher of the National Enquirer!

Andrea Constand, 42, walks her dogs in Toronto on Dec. 30, 2015. The former basketball player and coach has accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault.The above mentioned defendants were subject to confidentiality clauses covering the lawsuit settlements Andrea filed against Bill and the National Enquirer back in 2005.

Her accusations included Bill allegedly drugging and molesting her in his home in Philadelphia in 2004.



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