Woman dating 3 best friends … caught out by Valentines gifts

Valentine gifts exposed a young woman in Harare, Zimbabwe who was cheating on her boyfriend with two of his close friends. Linda Chigombo of Glen View was simultaneously dating Clayton Muchidza, Elives Muzhandu and Easy Takudzwa Masawi. All three were buddies.
Linda and Takudzwa

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The 4-way affair came to light when Clayton failed to give Linda a present for Valentine after the duo of Takudzwa and Elives had sent theirs. The self-confessed love cheat confirmed the illicit affairs saying she had now settled for Takudzwa. All three men, the woman says, are now aware that they have been dating the same woman. One of the men, Elives allegedly sent threat messages with scary photographs, which prompted her mother, Rosemary,  to intervene.
 Linda and Clayton
“Kana munhu arambwa ngaabvume kurambwa,Elives threatened my daughter by sending (threat) messages and later started to send scary photographs prompting me to phone him over the matter,”said Rosemary.
“He apologized for threatening Linda and sending such photographs but he is not giving up and I am considering taking legal action,”she added.
 Linda and Elives
Elives in another interview, denied sending threat messages to Linda for dating Takudzwa.
“Clayton is my best friend but I have failed to buy a Valentine’s gift for Linda and she informed me about it saying she had been mocked by her friends,”said Elives.
“I bought her the Valentine’s gift since Clayton was not around and we ended up falling in love and I composed a song over the matter”.
“Truly speaking I was tempted to fall in love with her and we became lovers until Takudzwa snatched her from me after I was transferred to Mutare where I am living right now.
“Chibhebhi ndichirikuchi lover but Takudzwa adzika midzi and our friendship has turned sour following my separation with Linda.” “We used to call each other with nicknames, Takudzwa as ‘E man’ and he would call me ‘Elo’ while Clayton ‘C Ryle’ and Linda ‘Lulu’”, said Elives.
Clayton said he had no problem with his friends dating Linda but accused her of being a woman of loose morals.
“She bitched me and I have no grudge with my friends since Linda is of loose morals and I have nothing to do with her as we speak, anoda mukomana aripo nguva iyoyo,” said Clayton.
Takudzwa could not entertain H-Metro and his mobile went unanswered, presumably after learning from Linda that H-Metro wanted his comment.
Linda confirmed dating the three friends saying Elives wears earings and dresses like a girl.
“I could not date someone who looks like a girl, who wears ear rings zvakare anorukwa musoro, handingaunzire mai vangu mukwasha akadaro,”said Linda.
“I knew that he was Takudzwa’s best friend but as a girl I have to choose the better man to marry me and Takudzwa is the lucky guy.
“Elives is still threatening me forgetting that he snatched me from his other friend Clayton. Nhasi zvava kumurwadza, ndezvekake izvo, arambwa anhuhwa,”said Linda requesting H-Metro to contact Takudzwa about the issue.

Credit: H-Metro

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