The Jumoke Orisagun and Felicia Ogah effect on streeet hawking

The year of the undiscovered model. Ciara took this photograph in Lagos traffic yesterday and shared it with 10 million people on instagram

...yesterday Ciara ‘discovered ‘ another elegant looking street hawker
….a month ago it was Jumoke (now busier than a bee)
…last year it was Felicia Ogah (now a super model)


Earlier, we had written about the likely effects of the discovery of hidden gems like Olajumoke Orisaguna and Felicia Ogah hawking their wares and the positive effects of an individual’s sense of ethics, especially the “dress code” in the work place . This is another elegant woman who can have the course of her life changed if ‘discovered’ while we are all riding the wave. I dare say there is dignity in labor.

Ehmm … Ciara, how about you throwing in your weight behind this one. It will be greatly appreciated and you will be richly blessed.

Ciara landed in Lagos yesterday for Darey’s Love Like A Movie concert and took this photo in traffic which she shared with her 10 million instagram followers. In the photo is a well dressed woman hawking some type of fruit in traffic. 

People are now demanding that the lady should be found and her life turned around as was the case with TY Bello and the bread seller. Anyone knows the lady?


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