79 year old Man ‘Cracks’ His Wife, 68 Head – A case of persistent Spousal Abuse?

This  lady 68, had her head struck repeatedly with a walking stick during an ‘argument’ by her husband, 79, of several years.
…is this a case of abuse that has been festering for several years
…what if he had successfully cracked her head open
…is she still safe in that environment
…culprit promises not to strike her again (oga, we are watching you)
The lady with the broken cane used in assaulting her

According to Human Rights activist, Joe Okei-Odumakin, this 68 year old woman was battered by her 79 year old husband at their home in Isheri, Lagos recently. According to the elderly woman, during an argument, her husband used his walking stick to assault and batter her.

The patched up head of  battered lady

She sustained serious injury and was taken to the hospital. Odumakin says her group visited them today and has helped them resolve the issue. The elderly man was remorseful and apologized. He promised never to hit his wife again.

The mediator,  Dr.Joe Okei-Odumakin and the couple

No charges are being filed at the moment


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