Amazing Love: I married my sperm donor!! Woman tracked down sperm donor, marries him in a stunning beach-side wedding with their adorable daughter as flower girl


Aminah Hart and Scott Andersen fell in love after conceiving Leila through anonymous IVF

    Aminah Hart, from Melbourne, met her husband Scott Andersen after she had conceiving his child through IVF
Mr Andersen, a sperm donor,  had indicated that he was willing to meet a child that came from his genetic pool
Ms Hart’s mother tracked Mr Andersen down online and the pair decided to meet after Leila’s first birthday
It did not take long for the pair to fall in love and confide in each other about their feelings towards one another

    Ms Hart lost her two sons – Marlon and Lewis –  before she decided to turn to IVF and become a single mother



Photo: Supplied/Demi Lee
Two strangers who fell in love after conceiving a daughter through anonymous IVF have tied the knot, with their beautiful and unique love story set to become a feature film.
Aminah Hart and Scott Andersen, from Victoria, first laid eyes on each other in 2013, a year after their daughter Leila was born. 




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Twelve months later and the pair exchanged vows at a ‘very low key’ wedding in front of 130 of their closest friends and family in Sorrento, Victoria.

‘It was utterly spectacular overlooking the sea, but it was blowing an absolute gale.’
‘I have quite a lot of dark curls and Leila has her blonde curls so the wind just kept blowing our hair all over our face which did not impress the photographer.

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 Photo: Aminah Hart

Ms Hart got ready with her sister and Leila, who wore a white lace dress and floral crown, while Scott’s new mother in law Helen and three sons – Luke, 22, Jye, 30 and Bailey, 18 – helped him prepare for the big day. 

‘Scott’s boy and his daughter Belle were really glad to know their dad had finally found happiness.’
Despite Leila and her father sharing a very close bond, Ms Hart said the three-year-old was quite protective of her mother after learning of the wedding and did not appear all that impressed with the impending nuptials.

‘She wasn’t interested at first and kept saying ‘you can’t marry my mum’ but she ended up getting caught up in it all and was the most divine little flower girl,’ Ms Hart said.

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