Watch! THREE-YEAR-OLD gymnastics prodigy wows on the bar

‘I’m not scared of falling because I just get back up’: THREE-YEAR-OLD gymnastics prodigy with 65,000 Instagram fans already has her sights set on the Olympics

 Emma Rester from El Paso, Texas, has gained tens of thousands of fans online for her impressive gymnastics skills
The little girl and her mother Annie Antje appeared on The Ellen Show on Thursday to discuss her rise to fame and show off her skills

 A three-year-old girl has become a social media sensation after her impressive gymnastics moves have won the hearts of thousands.

Emma Rester from El Paso, Texas, has been doing gymnastics since she was two-and-a-half after her mother Annie Antje thought the sport might help her with her clumsiness. 
Little did she know that Emma would turn out to be a prodigy, catching on to complex moves faster than girls much older than herself and displaying incredible coordination for flips, handstands and other exercises. 


Photo: Ellen
Gaining fame: Soon after amassing her legion of followers, the little girl was asked to appear on The Ellen Show
Eventually mom Annie decided to start little Emma an Instagram page back in September, beginning with a few clips of the tiny tot doing headstands and lifts with impressive form. 

Suddenly, the page began to take off, attracting tens of thousands of followers in a matter of a few months.


Talking her up: Emma appeared on the show with her mother Annie Antje and talked about how she got started in the sport

Soon enough, Emma was asked to appear on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, where she sat down for an interview and displayed some of her famous moves. 


During the interview, little Emma explained that her favorite gymnastics exercises are on the bars, doing back bends and even back handsprings. 



When asked if she is ever afraid of falling, the little girl responded: ‘No, because then we get back up.
‘That is a wonderful thing to say. You just get back up!’ said Ellen.


Emma and her mother also explained how Emma’s father is currently in Korea with the army, but that he left his little girl a ‘daddy kiss jar’, which is full of chocolate Hershey’s kisses, enough for every day he is away.

 3288772600000578-3508684-image-a-120_14588594873113288773400000578-3508684-image-a-114_1458859433433 - Copy
Following her interview, Emma mounted a mini version of the high bar where she performed some spins to the audience’s amazement before taking to the mats and performing a masterful back bend and kick over.

In order to show off her back hand springs, Emma was lifted onto a trampoline and continued to flip herself backwards while Ellen looked on, her mouth agape in shock at the little girl’s talent.  

‘That was so good! I can’t believe how good you are,’ said Ellen at one point. 
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