Breath Taking Pictures: Beauty and New York Series – Mar Shirasuna


…models teetering dangerously close to the edge of New York City’s tallest buildings sometimes holding incredible yoga poses
…you’ve got to have nerves of steel to do this
The incredible pictures are part of a series called Beauty And NYC which sees the women lying on ledges and peering out at the surrounding skyline.
However, these models are not here to show off any clothing, with all pictured in next to nothing and some even posing nude.  
Photographer , from Japan, has been shooting New York for the past three years, and he estimates he has been on more than 150 rooftops in the process.


Mar Shirasuna created the series Beauty And NYC as an antidote to the selfie generation capturing models against the epic skyline, with the Empire State Building in the background
The idea behind the Beauty And NYC project came to Mar while he was looking for a new way to shoot the city.
Having posted photos of New York on social media, Mar’s followers began asking if they could come with him to experience the amazing views.
By adding individuals to his images, Mar was looking to ‘reinvent the selfie’ – models, he thought, would make the images more beautiful, different and creative.
Over the past year, Mar has photographed more around 50 models, and he continues to receive requests every day from those wishing to be photographed by him.
Mar has travelled to 150 New York roof tops in search of the perfect view but he is determined that there is still more to be found 
The brave models have been pictured balancing against the outer side of safety fences, on the lips of roofs and some have even braved the snow in search for the perfect picture.  
 ‘Right now, we are living through the selfie epidemic, and when I brought some of these people onto the rooftop, they would start taking selfies.



‘My goal for this project was to reinvent the selfie, recreate it and make it something more beautiful and more creative. So, I started taking pictures of beautiful women on the rooftops with my project.
‘I like to pick buildings in locations where I know the view is going to be amazing.’
Although Mar has explored 150 roof tops in the city, he says he is confident that more views are to be found. 
He continued: ‘What fascinates me most about New York is that even after living here for 20 years, there’s always a new view.
‘Today I might find a view that I didn’t know existed yesterday, and tomorrow I might find yet another view that I didn’t even know existed today – that’s the beauty of it.’


Over the past year, Mar has photographed more around 50 models, and he continues to receive requests every day from those wishing to be photographed by him



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