No Gimmicks!!:140lbs Down the Old Fashion Way, Inspiring Carli Jay Went From 280lbs to 140lb, in 2 years

…well done girl

‘No gimmicks, fads or short-term dieting’: Meet the inspiring woman who lost HALF her body weight – going from 127kg to 63kg – the ‘old-fashioned way’

It wasn’t until she was 28 years old that Carli Jay knew something had to change.

At a size 24-26 and 127 kilograms, Ms Jay, originally from Sydney, was tipping the scales and morbidly obese, but she had always been fun-loving and the life and soul of any party.
 This realization marked the start of a journey that would culminate two years later, with Ms Jay having lost a mammoth half of her body weight.
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Lovely life: Ms Jay now lives a super healthy life, working out regularly and eating nutritious foods – she currently weighs 63.5 kilograms
The moment she knew she had to overhaul her life arrived on a dark, rainy morning in February 2014, when she was living and working in London.
She woke up with a tingling sensation down the right hand side of her body, and pins and needles in her hip:
‘I realised it was because of my sheer mass,’ she wrote on Huffington Post Australia.


Dark day: The moment she knew things had to change occurred when Ms Jay woke up with a tingling sensation, and pins and needles in her hip – she realised it was down to her weight

‘I was getting no circulation across my body while I slept.’
And so, Ms Jay decided to embark on a weight-loss mission, cutting her then 4000-calorie daily diet right back down to the normal requirement for a healthy woman, and forcing herself to exercise despite a gruelling 50-60-hour-week desk job:
‘Instead of thinking, wondering or whinging about my body size and problems, I took action and did something about it,’ she wrote on her Instagram page.


Inspiration to others: Occasionally, Ms Jay will post shots of her former self, saying that she is pleased how far she has come 

‘And with no gimmicks, fads or short-term dieting, I got active, exercised a lot, ate well and I took better care of myself.
‘In essence I changed my entire lifestyle for the better and I have never looked back.’ 
Ms Jay took her weight into her own hands the old-fashioned way – by eating nutritiously and exercising:
‘I began working out for 10-20 minutes a day, then increased it to 40 minutes a day and so on,’ she wrote on the Huffington Post.
Through sheer dedication and dogged determination, within two years exactly, in February 2016, Carli Jay hit her initial target goal – of losing half of her body weight; a massive 63.5 kilograms:
Have a little faith in yourself and take the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone
‘I set out two years ago to lose half my 280lbs size,’ she wrote on Instagram.
‘And with the right mentality I’ve just done that, losing 140lbs since the end of February 2014.’ 
Thanks to cardio, weight training and a healthy diet, Ms Jay is now in the shape of her life – something which she inspires others to emulate on her motivational Instagram page that has an amazing 53,000 followers: 
‘Have a little faith in yourself and take the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone,’ she posted today (March 31).
‘That is when you will notice the difference and changes in yourself.’ 


Traditional methods: She also says that she took her weight into her own hands the old-fashioned way – by eating nutritiously and exercising
32B02F7E00000578-3516651-image-m-24_1459397046158Photo: Instagram/Miss Carli Jay_Healthy_Living
Shape of her life: ‘Have a little faith in your self and take the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone,’ Ms Carli Jay posted today (March 31) on Instagram
credit huffingtonpostau



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