Ekó Akétè: Breath taking Images – Lagos Inspires Jeweller Gbenga Ayo-Dada Of Artsmith Collections Debut Diffusion Line


Stylist and jewelry designer, Gbenga Ayo-Dada of Artsmith Collections, draws on the diverse sights and sound of Lagos life for his debut diffusion line collection, calling Ekó Akétè.









The collection which features statement necklaces and earrings, cocktail rings, bangles and brooches reflects the Lagos inspiration in the names of the pieces, and the styling got the look book, which alludes to specific influences.


Adesua is from Benin, glamorous and proud of her heritage.  As a “Benin Queen in Lagos”, she styles her hair to look like the Okuku worn by  brides and Queens from her tribe.




 Ashake Onidiri is that  Lagos hair stylist who is feeling her work as dispelled on herself. Yarinya means girl in Hausa so Yarinya Eko is a Hausa girl in Lagos, cosmopolitan but still in touch with her roots, sporting henna body art as part of her daily style.










The yellow turban of Oshuka calls to mind the wrapped fabric hawkers use to support their load on their heads. The Aunti Oni Brooch borrows from jewellery and accessory traders who display their wares pinned to their aprons.


Oyinlola is fun loving and owambe attending, your “typical Lagos party rocker who just wants to have as much fun as she can at weddings every weekend.”



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