Sandbagging Makeup Technique!! Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist reveals sandbagging is the latest technique

…the secret behind the look

Kim Kardashian is mooting a new technique – sandbagging – the secret to long-lasting, non-smudge lipstick

She’s the queen of contouring who showed us how to create flawless make-up and killer cheek bones by using shadowing and highlighting.

However, now Kim Kardashian is mooting a new technique – sandbagging – which she claims is the secret to long-lasting, non-smudge lipstick. 

The reality TV star’s make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic showcased the method in an Instagram post – and fans can’t get enough.

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 Photo: liviamua on Instagram,  bellezasisters on Instagram,  Baking guru, vlogger Heidi Hamoud
Mario reveals that the mother-of-two sweeps white powder across her mouth and cheeks, before applying her lipstick.
It is said to give the color staying-power, and also means that it doesn’t smudge when applied.
Mario then brushes the powder away, leaving Kim with perfect lips.
Instagram users responded positively to the photo, with one user saying: ‘I need to learn this!’ and another commenting: ‘I can study her face for hours! Perfect.’
Other Instagram users have also begun using – and developing – the technique and posting photos of the effect.
This prevents the oils and creams in the eye and lip make-up from moving – and should mean that they stay in place all day long. 
It does exactly what real sandbags do: creates a barrier around an area to stop it from flooding. 
Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario may not have created the technique, but he has succeeded in bringing it to the mainstream.

As it prevents make-up from creasing, it’s perfect for him to use on the star for special occasions.

Presenting Youtuber Denica Theobald

Sandbagging is similar to the ‘baking’ technique, which involves using the heat of your face to ‘cook’ the make-up put on it by covering it in a thick laying of powder. 
All you need to try sandbagging is loose powder, a make-up sponge and a brush. 

Apply foundation and concealer as you normally would. The dab the edge of a make-up sponge into the powder and apply it heavily under your waterline and under your lips.

Youtuber Wayne Goss demonstrates the technique in a video, showing that although initially it looks like a lot of powder to be applying, once it is brushed off it gives a smooth base

Wayne says that sandbagging will prevent eyeshadow and mascara creasing
The powder should be in a thick layer and be visible. 
Complete your eye make-up and lipstick, and when complete simply brush the powder away lightly. 
The thick layer of powder will ensure that the lipstick and eye make-up stays put and doesn’t smudge at all. The effect should last all day. 



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