US Marine: marine : I’ve killed your kind many times!’: Ex-Marine caught yelling obscenities at Arab American teens at a gas station

 …anger management issues?

Viral: The shocking outburst was recorded by one of the teens and is now quickly spreading on Facebook

  ‘I’ve killed your mother f—–g kind, many times!’

A white man claiming to be a former Marine has been caught om camera offensively yelling at a group of Arab American teenagers at a gas station in Michigan, telling them: ‘I’ve killed your mother f—–g kind, many times!’

The incident reportedly happened on March 27 at a gas station in Coldwater.

According to the Arab American News, Ahmed Mohsen, the 15-year-old who recorded the incident, said that the man started screaming after the teens put their gas money on top of the two cases of beer he had placed on the counter.


‘I’ve killed your mother f—–g kind, many times!’: This is the moment the man – announcing himself as a Marine – screams obscenities at the teens as he leaves the Coldwater gas station with his cases of beer 

Mohsen said there was nowhere else to leave their money and he didn’t think it would a problem.

As the video starts, the man is leaving with his beer.

On camera he can be heard saying: ‘I’m a U.S. Marine, dude. I’ve been in Fallujah. I’ve killed your motherf—–g kind. Many times. Many times.’

A second video shows the man pulling out the gas station in his truck. He can be heard yelling out at the teens, but what he is saying is not audible.


Coldwater, a town of 11,000 about 125 miles southwest of Detroit, has a relatively large Arab American population.

The Director of Public Safety in Coldwater, Mark Bartell, told the newspaper they are aware of the situation. Police were notified of what happened a few days after the incident.

Bartell said the man’s conduct could fall under assault, disorderly conduct or ethnic bias.

‘Our Arab American population is integrated into our school,’ Bartell told the paper.

‘To my knowledge, everything is successful and going quiet well.’

Photo: Ahmed Mohsen/FacebookIn a second video taken at the gas station, the man can be seen pulling out in his truck, as one of the teenagers that was yelled at watched 

The video has been shared over 23,000 times on Facebook, as of Thursday, and received scores of comments from viewers.

One viewer, Anissa Rashell Smith, commented: ‘There is no excuse for what the man said, BUT those kids were also disrespectful by doing that to another man. It’s a teenage thing to do. Wait your turn in line, you didn’t need to put your money anywhere.’



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