The ‘perfect’butt lift – The secret to getting curves like Kim? Cosmetic surgeon loved by the Kardashian clan unveils new ‘no scalpel butt liftt –

 The Los Angeles doctor, pictured right with Kim

…voila, the perfect butt lift!!

One of the Kardashians’ favorite doctors has revealed an innovative new method for getting curves like Kim without even having to go under the knife.

Doctor Simon Ourian – who is credited with removing Khloe Kardashian’s ‘tramp stamp’, has earned praise from Kylie Jenner for her ‘super natural’ lip injections and is said to be ‘great friends’ with Kim and her mother Kris Jenner – has now unveiled a technique he calls the ‘no scalpel Brazilian butt lift’.

Sharing a video of the procedure, which claims to ‘enhance and lift’ buttocks, the doctor claimed the non-surgical lift is permanent and has immediate results.


 Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Enlargement: One of the Kardashians’ favourite doctors and family friend, Doctor Simon Ourian, has revealed the ‘no scalpel Brazilian butt lift’

The technique could prove popular with people who want to emulate the buttocks of Kim Kardashian, pictured in her white swimming costume ‘belfie’ 

It uses either the liposuctioned fat of the person being treated or can be done using permanent or semi-permanent dermal fillers.

The video shows a woman having marks drawn on her buttocks and then lying down as the top area of each of her buttocks are repeatedly injected.

He wrote: ‘No cutting, No anesthesia, No implants. Natural results. Using a persons own liposuctioned Fat or injection of permanent or semi-permanent Dermal fillers.

‘This is just another alternative for those who do not want to get a butt implant but wish to have a more shapely butt.’

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  Photo: Dr Simon Ourian/Instagram

Fantastic results: Dr Simon said patients will notice the impact of the treatment straight away. He is a master at his job

 The clip shows Dr Simon drawing on his client’s buttocks with marker, to show where the fillers need to be injected

The technique, which he does at his Beverly Hills clinic, uses ‘multi-layer, micro-droplet injection with HD fat transfer for long lasting natural results or injection of permanent Dermal fillers’.

Based on said procedure, only local anesthetic is needed and the pain levels are described as being very mild or non existence for some patients.

The average cost of the treatment is $15,000 to $40,000 depending on the size of the enlargements and the method used.


The top three bottom-related procedures were buttock augmentation with fat grafting (14,705 procedures), buttock lift (4,767 procedures) and buttock implants (2,540 procedures).

Dr Simon warned of the dangers of silicone injections which he said are ‘not legal’ and ‘extremely dangerous’.

‘If someone is offering you silicone injection for your butt lift do not do it even if they pay you’.

‘Many cases of silicone or other types of injection in the buttocks that cause severe deformity and in many cases even death.


Dr Simon has a long-standing relationship with the Kardashian family. He has performed many successful procedures which produce natural results for the family including lips, ‘butt lifts’, tattoos … and they have publicly praised and recommended him for said procedures.

‘ buttock enlargement method involves ‘no cutting, no anesthesia, no implants’



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