30 Days, 30 Minutes, join the fun filled challenge, Day 1

 …revving the engine

‘…don’t treat your body like you have a replacement. Once it is broken …’

Who is up for a 30 day challenge?  Come walk with us. We need the company to keep us honest.


Get healthier, shed some weight and feel better about ourselves and develop discipline


It consist of carrying out a physical activity for 30 minutes for 30 days. Sounds simple but will be challenging particularly to folks that are not used to batting an eyelid.

The exercise can be anything from walking jogging, bike riding, spinning   …..  get the drift?

Anything that will get you and your heart muscles going for 30 minutes.

You can start off with something you ‘enjoy’ doing.


Drop by daily to check n for ideas and daily notes on how we are going about with the challenge ourselves

We will be journaling our activities and sharing pictures of at least an actual meal we are eating for the day. We invite you to share your daily experiences with us.

Foodies we will also need you ideas suggestions on hos to make healthier meals

Benefit: Let you mind feel in the blanks …. you’ll also be able to wear your Louboutins and other shoes and clothes with a lot more ease

Day 1:

We are are going to kick off with a brisk 30 minute walk. Drop by and let us know how you made out.

 Photo: Cabarita Ocean


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