30 Days 30 Minutes, Day 3 Stretchy Saturday

Photograph: Getty Images (theguardian)

…you only have one body, take care of it



Photo: dtpd

Day 3 is here, only 27 more days to the finish line. sounds like much but it isn’t really.  Were you able  to try out the suggestions for day 3 (weight training)? No worries, today is a new day.  If you found that a little stressful, just take a 30 minute walk.  The idea is to move/exercise for 30 consecutive minutes.  You could go down memory lane and try out exercise you remember from elementary school. Too far back?  Try some of these suggestions.

My assumption is that you did do some weight training yesterday and your muscles and body are just dying for a ‘stretchy’ muscle strengthening and lengthening exercise. One assurance I ca give you is your gait will improve a tremendously and you will start getting compliments from both friends ad strangers. These activities will help negate the hunch back look lots of people have acquire hunching over a computer, desk, mobile device ….

Some exercises to try out for 30 minutes. YouTube is a wonderful resource. Use it.


Photo: dtpd

Pilates  at home or in a studio/Gym near you. It will take the guess work ou

PiYo (Pilates and yoga fusion) there are a few online classes also on YouTube


Megafomer class near you. mmmmh nice

Barre (loads of classes online)

Take a walk


…I am off to take care of my body today (30 minutes minimum)

…see ya tomorrow




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