30 Days 30 Minutes Day 6 -Oh Tuesday

Photo: – Mar Shirasuna 

Tuesday oh Tuesday, what to write about. 30 minutes of exercise completed. I seem to be enjoying the process a bit more. How about you?  I hope you are keeping up with at least doing the bare minimum, which is taking a 30 minutes walk. This should be your go to activity if you can’t bring yourself to do anything more interesting or challenging.

While going for a brisk walk is acceptable, we can prevent fat/slim roller coaster and bring more steadiness into our lives by just incorporating weight training into our wellness program.This activity will help build muscles which will into burn off some of the excess calories we ingest.

Here is a good core workout for you


If you did not weight train yesterday, try and incorporate it into today’s program. You will thank me for this great advice soon 🙂

The good thing about having to write these posts is that I am forced to practice what I preach. This blog has turned out to be tougher than any trainer I may have hired. So thank you to my readers. I will like to receive more feedback so I know what you want to read about or exercise you are interested in hearing about. Here is a nice workout for you o do at home

Today, let us also work on our abdomen or abs. Taming our abs can be quite challenging. I will be using this program to see if I can also affect this area of my body positively.  I will be posting before and after pictures sometime in the future.

What really affects how our body looks, responds to exercise  is our food in take and how clean it is (not eating junk). Since I am not a nutritionist, I will find a good reference on clean eating for weight loss and wellness and share it with you.   In the mean time get to a gym, go for a walk, join a dance class or club or do all this at home but start moving NOW.

….see ya tomorrow




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