Body Confident: ‘Curvaceous beauty wins pageant’: Plus-size Miss Peru is first to reach the country’s beauty contest finals

The losing contestants don’t seem thrilled – judge for yourself how genuine the smiles are!

But… beauty, brains and self-belief helped  the 19-year-old architecture student to succeed

fied school bullies that described her as a ‘hog’ by reaching the final.
Mirella Paz Baylon, 19, from the Lima region, Peru, broke down in tears of joy after making it to the final ten in the 2016 Miss Peru Universe.
The curvaceous beauty queen had previously spoken of how she had been tormented by fellow students over her size and shape.

335af8aa00000578-3549404-image-m-48_1461147651296Leading lady: Miss Paz Baylon represented the Lima region in the 2016 Miss Peru Universe, and was one of the finalists picked to go through
335af0bd00000578-3549404-image-a-30_1461147565321Emotional response: The 19-year-old was overjoyed when the judges put her through to the final, shown on local television in Peru

Miss Paz Baylon made it through the first round of 31 contestants in the 2016 Miss Peru Universe, and will now compete in the final this month.
The results were televised as part of a reality TV show and Miss Paz Baylon’s emotional reaction could not be mistaken as she found out she was put through.
Miss Paz Baylon said: ‘Thank you. You have no idea how pleased I am to have this opportunity. Thank you, thank you.’
Miss Paz Baylon, an architecture student, described how she used to weigh more than 15 stone, but lost some weight before the competition for health reasons.
Winner: Miss Paz Baylon hugging Jessica Newton, contest organizer, in front of her fellow contestants

335af0aa00000578-3549404-image-a-36_1461147591708Winner: Miss Paz Baylon hugging Jessica Newton, contest organizer, in front of her fellow contestants
To the top: The teenager burst into tears when she was told that she had been put through to the final
335af0b600000578-3549404-image-a-39_1461147605814Groundbreaking: Miss Paz Baylon is one of ten young women competing for the Miss Universe Peru title
335af8b200000578-3549404-image-a-47_1461147647246Stunner: Miss Paz Baylon looked radiant and exuded confidence when she took part in the bathing suit segment of the competition

She said: ‘I’ve dropped 20 kilos (3.15 stone) in three months and I hope I can lose even more for better results. I’ve eaten healthily and done a lot of exercise.’She said: ‘People called me fat and said I was a hog at university, and I had people talking behind my back.
‘I’m a little nervous, but I’m happy I’ve put all my effort into it because I want to win Miss Peru Universe 2016.’
Saura Spoya, the Miss Peru Universe 2015 winner, posted an Instagram photo with the XL model and said: ‘What a dream to have finally met Mirella.’

335af8bb00000578-3549404-almost_there_miss_paz_ballon_is_now_one_step_closer_to_represent-m-57_1461148688526Almost there: Miss Paz Ballon is now one step closer to representing her country in the international Miss Universe pageant

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