‘The Frida Collection’ Lookbook – Mademoiselle Aglaia

Mariam Afolabi designer and owner of Mademoiselle Aglaia,  just released a new ready-to-wear collection called FRIDA.

The collection was inspired by one of Mexico’s greatest icons, Frida Kahlo, a female Artist who was known for her influence in arts. She was well known for her unique fashion style as was displayed in her self-portraits.

“This collection evolved from not just gaining inspiration from Frida but also the Italian culture, their dancers and the famous matadors. The headpieces and flower print fabrics used represent Frida’s look and fashion style. The consistent use of red is also a way of emphasisng the inspiration from a rose and the color used mostly by the Italian flamenco dancers” – Mariam Afolabi.  





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This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke | @emmanueloyeleke
Make up Artist: Artistry By Tolani | @artistry_by_tolani
Stylist: Moses Ebite | @moashystyling
Female Model: Melissa Devidal of Few Models Management | @mel_devidal
Male Model: Victor Chima of Few Models Management
Hair: Golden Touch Salon
Nails: Nail box, The Style Loft
Instagram: Mademoiselle Aglaia | @mademoiselle.aglaia


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