30 Days 30 Minutes, Day 8

A subject I have not emphasized enough is the value of stretching particularly after a workout. If you haven’t been stretching, PLEASE take out time to do that. Your body will take you for it. This doe not need to take an hour and you can incorporate  exercises like Pilates, PiYo, ESSENTRICS™ and similar type programs will get you to the right spot while lengthening and strengthening you at the same time.


ESSENTRICS™ is a program I have used in the past to overcome knee injury and the resultant stiffness that come from not moving properly


ESSENTRICS™ It is a dynamic full body workout that eccentrically stretches and strengthens the entire body. This technique will improve your posture, tone your muscles and slenderizes your arms, legs and waist. The dynamic and fluid combination of movements will leave you feeling lighter and full of energy.

Here is a video on ESSENTRICS™. Enjoy


…see ya tomorrow


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