Two men duking it out in the ‘Muay Thai’ battle outside NYC Chipotle, Midtown Manhattan

Outside a Chipotle restaurant in Midtown, Manhatan,  two men got into a fight that left them so drained, they were leaning on each other when cops arrived.
The two men took turns hitting and kicking each other, even using a backpack as a weapon while displaying their ‘Muay Thai’ skills
The late afternoon fight,  drew a crowd of onlookers. Chipotle customers peered nervously out the window.
A woman yelled “Stop, stop,” and others called the police.

Robert Sabo/New York Daily News
The fight, on W. 40th St. near Fifth Ave., broke out shortly before 3 p.m. on Thursday.
One of the men dressed in a black jacket smacking the other with the backpack in the street.
The other, wearing a red sweatshirt, pursues him onto the sidewalk, as two other people try to get them to stop fighting. He is hit repeatedly with the backpack, and tries to grab it and kick at his opponent.

Robert Sabo/New York Daily News
Onlookers tried to intervene in the fight between the two men Thursday afternoon.
The man in the black jacket then grabs the other’s hair and punches and slaps him at least six times in the face.  The man in the black jacket repeatedly tells his opponent to “give up, give up.”
It was not immediately clear whether either man was arrested.
At some point, 2 onlookers interverned saying to one of the combatants, “You going to jail.”  and “breathe, breathe.”  “You are going o jail” while trying to pull them apart.
The man in the red sweatshirt suffered a bloody nose. He declined medical treatment at the scene.
By the time more than a dozen cops arrived on foot, the two men were leaning on each having fought themselves into exhausion from the battle of W. 40th St.


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