Will DNA replace passports as a form of travel ID? Kuwait will be implementing this soon


Kuwait thinks so. It seems passports and body scans aren’t enough, Kuwait is taking security checks to the next level.

Kuwait  will begin asking all visitors to submit a proper DNA sample if they want to enter the country. The mandatory test is slated to begin by the end of the year and will be mandatory for tourists, expats, businessmen and even Kuwaitis.

The DNA sample will not be an elaborate process, though. Visitors will have to either submit a swab of saliva or a few drops of blood.


Kuwait International-Airport-Passenger-Terminal

Kuwait officials said the DNA sample will not be used to test for lineage or medical factors, according to the Kuwait Times. The labs collecting the samples won’t test the DNA for any diseases, since that is part of an individuals’ privacy and it’s also banned by law.

Officials insist that samples will just be used to “fight crime and terrorism” and will not infringe on any privacy.

The law will actually punish those who use the sample DNA to reveal an individual’s private information or forge DNA documents. Forging can be punished with up to seven years in prison and/or a KD 5,000 fine.

The DNA samples will be collected from residents at local government establishments. Visitors will have to submit theirs at the Kuwait International Airport. Those who refuse to submit a sample will face the “measures stipulated in the law,” which are still unclear.


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