Fact or Fiction: IBF Heavy Weight Champ Anthony Joshua, says Geordie Shore’s Chantelle Connelly Lied just days after she claimed they were in love

Former topless model Chantelle claims  the fighter is her lover. He says ‘I don’t know her. Fact or fiction? Could this be a case of Chantelle dreaming of getting a piece of the hunk …or a shameless plug for the show? Geordie Shore’s Chantelle Connelly claimed she was dating IBF world heavyweight champ, Anthony Joshua“Everyone knows how much I’m in love with Anthony Joshua. When I found out he had a baby I felt like he’d cheated on me”.Anthony says Chantelle LIED
‘I literally have no idea who she is’ 
Joshua insists he’s NOT dating Geordie Shore’s Chantelle … after she claims they ‘exchanged numbers’

It has been reported that boxing champ Joshua is courting Geordie Shore’s Chantelle just a week after dumping mum of his love child. Former topless model Chantelle is the fighter’s new love interest after the pair met at a boxing event
According to Geordie Shore’s Chantelle Connelly, she  get cosy  with the boxer just a week after he dumped the mother of his secret love child, Nicole Osbourne.
Former stripper and topless model Chantelle Connelly, 26, claims she is is the IBF world heavyweight champ’s new love interest after the pair met at a boxing event in December, before starting to flirt.
She told The Sun: “Everyone knows how much I’m in love with Anthony Joshua. When I found out he had a baby I felt like he’d cheated on me.
“I met him at this boxing thing that he did, we got speaking and flirting. We swapped numbers – well, he asked for my number.”

PAY-Chantelle-Connelly (1)
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Ex topless model, ex-stripper, businesswoman and reality star Connelly has taken over from Vicky Pattison as Geordie Shore matriarch. Her various liaisons have caused a stir on the show

Geordie Shore’s Connelly is decidedly making a splash with her claims of having a tryst with Anthony

Joshua: You’ve got to know your dates
03_05210434_c64f6e_2844820aJoshua won the IBF world heavyweight title in April against Charles Martin PA
New Geordie Shore girl gushed that she’s ‘always been in love’ with the boxer ‘ Xposure
Boxer Anthony Joshua loses it with Sun man

The feisty character, who has taken Vicky Pattison’s spot as Geordie Shore matriarch, added: “I heard off somebody that he looked at my Instagram and said he couldn’t trust us but I told him not to judge me from that.
“I think he’s absolutely beautiful, I love how humble he is and I love how he can box.”
However Anthony has burst this rumour with a withering response.
Anthony’s camp had this to say: ‘He literally has no idea who she is. He gets asked for pictures by fans all the time. Anthony doesn’t watch TV, so he wasn’t aware she is on Geordie Shore.’
‘Anthony is 100% not dating Chantelle Connolly from Geordie Shore.’

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