Glam-ma: Step aside Kim Kardashian, This 80-year-old grandma’s incredible makeup contouring is breaking the internet. Makeup transformation

Tea Flego, a Croatian makeup artist  doesn’t want to use her talent just on her clients, so she regularly gives her grandma  Livia incredible makeovers.

Thanks to her makeup artist granddaughter’s Instagram page, the octogenarian has become a social media sensation in recent weeks with her glamorous looks. Tea Flego, Livia’s granddaughter, first introduced us to her stylish grandma last year, with a makeover photo, and shared that grandma AKA Glam-ma loves makeup.

Here are some lovely before and afters of her talented work


…just loving the pout


Drawing in fans of all ages from around the world, Livia is regularly inundated with supportive comments.


In return for the make overs,  grandma Liva helps her granddaughter find some new followers



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