Chanel Petro-Nixon’s killer -Evidence shows man suspected of killing 16-year-old Brooklyn girl may be a serial killer

 The main suspect in a decade-old “cold case” may finally be tied to the horrific murder of a 16-year-old Brooklyn honor student, according to reports.

Evidence has emerged that the man long-suspected of killing Chanel Petro-Nixon, who vanished on Father’s Day in 2006 and was discovered four days later strangled and stuffed in a garbage bag in Bedford-Stuyvesant, may be a serial killer, it was reported.



The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office have focused their investigation on 29-year-old Vernon Primus, a former high-school classmate of the teen.

The station will air their report on Monday, detailing how investigators closed in on the man, three years older than Nixon, and why they believe he may be linked to even more unsolved murders.

“Crime Watch Daily” reporter Mary Murphy traveled to St. Vincent in the Caribbean, where Primus was deported to after serving time in an upstate New York prison for violating a restraining order. There, Murphy spoke with the suspect’s ex-girlfriend Mewanah Hadaway, 24, who said Primus showed her news clippings of the Petro-Nixon case and spoke about killing a different girl — before he allegedly held Hadaway captive in a wooden enclosure.


After three months of captivity, Hadaway managed to escape by slipping a housekeeper a note, who reported the imprisonment to police. Primus was charged with kidnapping.

Primus, who was deported to his native island in June, was also charged with the murder of a St. Vincent real estate agent, Sharleen Greaves




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