Invictus games Begin! Prince Harry and Michelle Obama open Invictus Games for wounded veterans

‘Over the next four days you will get to know these amazing competitors. They weren’t too tough to admit that they struggled with their mental health, and they weren’t too tough to get the help they needed,’

“I hope you are inspired to ask for the help that you need”

‘To those of you watching at home and who are suffering from mental illness in silence – whether a veteran or a civilian, a mum or a dad, a teenager or a grandparent – I hope you see the bravery of our Invictus champions who have confronted invisible injuries, and I hope you are inspired to ask for the help that you need.’  – Prince Harry.


It’s a Paralympics-style event where sick or wounded service men and women as well as veterans from 14 different countries will compete over the next four days.


Photo: Reuters

…Michelle was there to support



…former President George Bush was there along with other VIPs, lending their support


It was created by Prince Harry in 2014 and includes ten events: archery, indoor rowing, powerlifting, road cycling, sitting volleyball, swimming, athletics, wheelchair basketball, rugby and tennis.wheelchair basketball.

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‘Invictus’ is the name of a famous poem and means ‘unconquered, undefeated’ in Latin.

…well done Harry, well done


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