“Redstone’s testimony has ultimately defeated her case”: Judge rules Sumner Redstone’s ex-girlfriend will be kept out of his personal affairs


“Redstone’s testimony has ultimately defeated her case”

The case closed Monday in the legal battle over Sumner Redstone’s mental capacity.

A Los Angeles judge ruled saying the ailing 92-year-old billionaire should be taken at his word and allowed to keep ex-girlfriend Manuela Herzer out of his personal affairs.

In videotaped testimony last week, the reclusive media mogul unleashed a vile rant against Herzer.


“Manuela Herzer is a f—ing bitch,” he said in the 18-minute deposition released to the public in transcript form. “I hate her

The judge viewed the videotape behind closed doors Friday.

“Redstone’s testimony has ultimately defeated her case,” Judge David Cowan wrote in a tentative ruling Monday.

“In brief but compelling testimony, Redstone overcame his very significant physical ailments, including inability to speak clearly and what looked like much pain in swallowing, to do his best to recount (the status of their relationship,” Cowan wrote.

“The court was able to see strong conviction he had about what he said. He seemed very alert,” the judge said. “The court does not believe Redstone had any confusion about what he was asked, about his wishes or the reasons for his wishes.”

“Redstone made crystal clear that at his deposition that the reason he did not want Herzer as his agent was that he had kicked her out of his home,” the judge said in his tentative ruling.


After hearing from Herzer’s lawyers Monday, the judge formally adopted the ruling.

In his opening statement Friday, Herzer’s lawyer Pierce O’Donnell described an alleged conspiracy that used a web of lies to turn a vulnerable Redstone against Herzer.

“It was like looking at a living ghost. I was actually teary-eyed when I left,” he said. “The anger was clearly triggered by lies the staff had told him about Manuela stealing millions.”

He said Redstone’s daughter Shari Redstone was behind the “coup” and quickly moved in to assume control.



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