30 Days 30 Minutes Day 28 – Finish line is in sight how are you faring?

  As this  challenge is winding down, how are you doing?  Are you feeling better today than 28 days ago? If not, did you participate fully? Are you looking good naked or on your way onto?
This month we were just learning to love ourselves a little more by developing the habit of movement/exercise.

We were following the idea that there is no replacement for our bodies, so we’ve got to take care of the one we got.

How are you treating yours?

“What you eat in secret always shows  up in public”

While finishing of this month, this would  be a nice time to take pictures,  measurement and make a real honest assessment of what you are trying to achieve and the effort required.
Food for thought. Next month we will focus on strengthening our core.
..today take a 30 mins walk or follow the video below

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