Hate Crime: A Pig’s head was dumped on the doorstep of Angela Merkel’s office

“Mutti Merkel” nickname for Chancellor Merkel

Police patrol discovered the animal’s head outside Merkel’s constituency office in the Baltic sea town of Stralsund

The head was found at the entrance to Merkel’s HQ in the northeastern town of Stralsund, where she launched her political career in 1990.
It was the latest in a string of racist “pork protests” over her open door policy, which sparked a flood of more than a million refugees and economic migrants last year.


Neo Nazi thugs fired up by the migrant backlash have used pork – a forbidden food for Muslims – in a string of race hate stunts in recent months.

In April, two split pig heads were flung into a cafe used by refugees in the city of Lübeck and in March police found pig remains at the entrance of a mosque in Gelsenkirchen
A month earlier, authorities discovered a dead pig on a plot of land designated for the construction of a mosque in the city of Leipzig on the former East Germany.

A sign found on the carcass written in red ink read “Mutti Merkel” – the nickname of the under-fire chancellor.


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