Whose breasts are best? Top cop, Rebekah Sutcliffe suspended after ‘fight with female colleague over whose breasts were best

Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe 

A top police officer has been suspended after an alleged row with a colleague over whose breasts were the most attractive.

The two were at the bar of Manchester’s Hilton Hotel after attending the three-day Senior Women in Policing Conference.

Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe, is said to have got involved in a fracas with Superintendent Sarah Jackson, both from Greater Manchester Police.

Now ACC Sutcliffe has been suspended for her alleged ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Supt Jackson is not facing any sanctions.

The event was for senior female officers from around the UK.

At a charity event staged by the same organisation last year, held at New Century House in Manchester, the then Chief Constable of GMP, Sir Peter Fahy , dressed in drag and strode a catwalk to raise money for Christie Hospital.

Superintendent Sarah Jackson (centre)


A police source said: “An ACC is not suspended lightly. The issue will be whether the reputation of the force has been brought into disrepute.

“It will have to be investigated by a high ranking officer – possibly from another force.”

ACC Sutcliffe has faced two previous investigations regarding her behaviour.

A GMP spokesperson said: “A senior officer has been suspended following allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

“An investigation is underway and it would be inappropriate to make further comment.”

Earlier during the event ACC Sutcliffe hailed the conference a success on Twitter.

In a Tweet published on May 8th ACC Sutcliffe wrote: “Just been reading all the fabulous tweets about #Swip16.

“It was a great event and clearly inspired so many people. Really well done.”

In 2010 ACC Sutcliffe was given ‘suitable advice’ by a senior officer for trying to pull rank and gatecrash a high security Labour conference hotel.

At the time she was a Chief Supt, and off duty, when she tried to persuade a junior officer to allow her into the secure ‘island site’ in Manchester city centre.

She was in charge of of GMP’s Stockport division, at the time when she arrived at an airport-style security point on Peter Street but was refused entry because she did not have a pass.

She was not involved in policing the conference. She then told the officer her name and seniority, demanding to be allowed into the site.

The constable at the checkpoint who had refused to let her in radioed her request to senior officers in charge of security.

But they backed the constable and Chief Supt Sutcliffe, a married mum-of-three from Saddleworth , was again told she would not be let in.



Just last week ACC Sutcliffe was put in charge of briefing media on the terror training exercise which began at the Trafford Centre.

A police watchdog launched a probe into allegations she failed to reveal a relationship with a colleague during a disciplinary hearing.

She was accused of failing to mention that she was in a relationship with Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Rumney, the boss of the Professional Standards Branch of GMP.

The complaint alleged it was inappropriate for Sutcliffe to sit on a panel convened to discipline a fellow officer without declaring she was in a relationship with Rumney, whose department had conducted the investigation.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has launched an investigation


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