Jillianne Bjorkholm Easter who served prison time for setting up PTA president in drugs sting breaks silence but still has to pay $5.7million

Jill Easter now known as Ava Everheart, and her former husband Kent Easter were slapped with the damages bill by a court in Irvine, California, back in January to the tune of 5.7million after planting drugs in her car in a failed attempt to have her arrested has broken her silence on the Dr Phil show.


Jill Easter


Kent Easter

Her narrative

Among the charges, Everheart was accused of handing out fliers smearing Peters, after schoolyard fight got out of hand but speaking  on the Dr Phil show, she says this didn’t happen.

 ‘There were a lot of documents that were withheld from me, that I’ve only recently gotten.

‘One of them talks about her specific accusation that I stood on school grounds and passed out a flyer.’

Everheart says that not only did she not hand out flyers, but she didn’t even make them.

The pair, both former attorneys who attended top colleges, were previously jailed for attempting to frame Kelli Peters, a volunteer at Plaza Vista School in Irvine, which their son had attended.

The Victim



The Setup

Kent Easter had called to report that he thought Peters had been on drugs and had seen her place a package behind her driver’s seat.

When cops inspected the car, they found a large amount of marijuana along with packets of Vicodin and Percocet.

Peters was then questioned in the parking lot with the drugs placed on the hood of her car while people were leaving the school, a move that she said caused her considerable distress.

However, officers soon became suspicious of the call after Peters passed a curbside sobriety test, and instead turned their attention to Easter and his wife.

It later transpired that the police call had been placed from a hotel next to Easter’s law firm, rather than close to the school, and CCTV showed him walking in and placing the call.


Kent’s attorney, Tom Bienert, told jurors his client was in bed and taking medication when his wife planted the drugs. But Senior Deputy District Attorney Chris Duff countered that tracking records indicate Kent’s cell phone was near Peters’ home in the early morning hours of Feb. 16, 2011, when the drugs were planted.

A grand jury indictment in October 2012 indicted investigators believed Kent, not his fellow attorney wife Jillianne Bjorkholm Easter, planted the drugs in Peters’ car because Jill was upset over Peters having punished their son on the schoolyard.

Cell phone data also showed that Easter and his wife had been close to Peters’ house where the car was parked on the night before the drugs were found, and their DNA was later found on the drugs.

Everheart pleaded guilty to planting the drugs and was sentenced to 120 days in jail, while Easter fought the charges at trial but was convicted after just 90 minutes of jury deliberations.

Easter, a Stanford graduate, also had his legal licence suspended, while Everheart was disbarred from practicing entirely. Easter spent 87 days in jail while his ex-wife spent about 60 days behind bars.

On January 4 2016, a jury awarded $2.1million in compensatory damages to Peters and her family.

In addition, Kent Easter was told to pay $1.5million in punitive damages, while Everheart was told she must pay $2.1million.

Easter had declared bankruptcy before the fines were issued, but was told the declaration would have no bearing on the penalty imposed

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