Bomb Makers and Truants: Daniel and Caleb Tate, twins, 22, tormented Amish community with homemade bombs during winter in Pennsylvania 

Daniel Tate was home from Pepperdine University in California and his brother was home from Belmont University in Tennessee. They detonated five explosives in December in a rural area near their family’s home in Cochranville, about 50 miles west of Philadelphia, investigators said.

The brothers spent their school break blowing up Amish sheds and other structures with homemade bombs – prosecutors.


Daniel and Caleb Tate, both 22, built improvised explosive devices, pipe bombs and other explosives out of fuel containers, propane canisters, blowtorches and other materials, according to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office.

“Improvised explosive devices are not harmless fire crackers. They are dangerous, destructive, and can be very deadly,” Sam Rabadi, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said in a statement.

 They investigation was done by ATF and Pennsylvania State Police detectives who traced the brothers through their buying and shoplifting of materials for the explosives, along with fingerprints of Daniel Tate on electrical tape at one scene.
The brothers were arrested Monday. They now face charges of arson by explosion, arson by possession of explosive devices, conspiracy, theft and other crimes.
Both are have been released on bail.

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