“I felt like I was a prison on death row,”: Yang Shoufa’s, incorrect HIV diagnosis lost him his family and left him living in isolation for 10 years

Yang Shoufa, 40, who was diagnosed with HIV illness in 2004, lost his job and was abandoned by his wife and children.

He lost his home, his friends and family and was forced to live in complete isolation, was put on strong doses of antiretroviral drugs, after being diagnosed with HIV has now he is being told he never had the disease.

Yang, who lives in Central China’s Henan province, lost his job after the heavy dosage started affecting his health.

His wife and children then left him and others in his village began laughing at him.

His house has slowly fallen down around him, leaving him homeless.

“I did think of committing suicide.”

“To live through each day was a torture. I had no idea which day would be my last day.”


In 2012, he fell ill and was hospitalized. This time, his medical report came back saying, “HIV negative.”






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