Georges Laraque helps stop kidnap suspect in an attempted child kidnapping incident

…’I was going to tackle him’

Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque helped detain a man who allegedly attempted to kidnap a seven-year-old girl in a Montreal park on Saturday afternoon.

A man allegedly spoke to the girl, who was with her parents in Jeanne-Mance Park, before grabbing her and walking away.

Family members and witnesses managed to stop the man almost immediately, police said.

Laraque, who was taking part in a celebrity baseball game at the park, then helped guard him until Montreal police arrived.

“It was surreal,”  “The park was full of people everywhere.”

“Everybody saw it. There were so many witnesses when it happened.” – Laraque


Laraque said the baseball players were alerted to the attempted abduction after hearing screams nearby. The game immediately stopped and a group ran over to see what happened.

About 20 to 30 people surrounded the suspect to ensure he couldn’t leave the park until he was in police custody.

“I just wanted to make sure that if he got up that I was going to tackle him right away,” said Laraque.

Laraque described the incident as “crazy,” adding that it made him feel “a little scared” as a father.

“I have twins and this could happen to anyone,” Laraque said. “We’ve heard stories of a child being abducted and to see [something] like that — it’s pretty scary.”




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