Women’s Wear Brand Osuare Presents  SS 16 Collection; ‘UNBROKEN’


Sequel to its’ first collection ‘Reflections’ SS 15, Nigerian women’s wear brand presents its’ follow up SS 16 collection called ‘UNBROKEN’. This collection is a celebration of cultural heritage and identity with modern designs. In this collection, the designer paints tribal marks and other African memorabilia on her pieces. Tribal Marks represent origin and identity. In old days, you could tell a person’s history by their tribal marks. This collection is in memory & celebration of the old traditions while paying attention to modern trends.

_OP11594 _OP11600 _OP11650 _OP11696 _OP11715 _OP11731 _OP11752 _OP11801 _OP11826 _OP11830 _OP11865 _OP11928 _OP11975 _OP11987 _OP12002 _OP12058 _OP12082 _OP12099 _OP12149 _OP12155 _OP12193

Designer Information:

Instagram- @Osuareng

Email: info@osuare.com

Contact Number: 08023049622

Address: 187b Isale Eko Avenue, Dolphin Estate


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