Saving their queen: Loyal Swarm of bees follow woman’s car for over 24 hours attempting to rescue their queen

Carol Howarth, 65, was plagued by a huge swarm of bees 20,000 in all  for more than 24 hours while driving her car home from a nature reserve. The incident happened shortly after she had parked her car in the town centre

A It took 5 people to resolve this incident, a team of three beekeepers, a national park ranger and members of the public helped to capture and contain the swarm inside a cardboard box while Mrs Howarth was away from the car shopping.

Speaking about the incident on Tuesday, Mrs Howarth said she had “never seen anything like it.”

While she was away from the vehicle, thousands of bees descended on the boot of her car, causing many passers-by to stop and take pictures of the spectacle.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger Tom Moses, 41, raised the alarm when he spotted the swarm on the car parked outside the Three Crowns pub in Haverfordwest.

Concerned that the insects might be destroyed with pesticide, Mr Moses contacted two members of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, to help capture the swarm.


“It was spectacular. I was driving through when I spotted the big brown splodge,” he said.

“A lot of people were really amazed by it, cars were slowing down and people were taking pictures of it.

“I was a little bit concerned, with it being in the middle of town outside a pub, that someone might do something stupid and get hurt or do something stupid and hurt the bees,”

“As I drove past I noticed this big brown splodge on the back of a car.

“I had seen swarms before settle on things like this but never one as large as this. It was quite a thing to see – certainly a ‘wow’ moment.

“I was really worried that someone could get hurt by them or that someone might damage them in their bid to clear the car so I stopped to help out.

“It is fair to say I had a sting in the tale – I was stung to my head, neck and the back of my ears. But I took some anti-histamines and they are not too bad now.”

However, after returning to her car, Mrs Howarth drove home believing the problem had been resolved, only to discover on Monday morning that the swarm had followed her and were again covering the car.

It got resolved after a second try


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