Suboi, Vietnam’s ‘Queen of Rap’ raps for President Obama…a beat for the president

…a beat for the president

President Obama, was addressing convention hall full of Ho Chi Minh City’s most promising young leaders and was probably not expecting to beatbox in front of the crowd.
Suboi, 26, dubbed by some as Vietnam’s “Queen of Rap,” had not heard the president address a subject close to her heart: the role art and culture plays in the development of a nation.


“I’m a rapper here from Saigon, Vietnam,” she said, she had a question while  introducing herself as a rapper. He requested she rap instead and before long she was spitting verse to the president and the world.  Suboi, a Ho Chi Minh city native whose real name is Hàng Lâm Trang Anh, smiled and asked if he’d prefer the verse to be in English of Vietnamese. Obama chose the latter, though admitted he wouldn’t be able to understand her.
Enjoy the video


“Do you need a little beat?” Obama asked offering a few bars to start her off.  The crowd joined in and clapped along while Obama bopped his head along with the beat.

Once she finished the freestyle verse she told the president her rap was about wealthy people who remain unhappy, in spite of their money.


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