Grey Velvet, Nigeria’s leading fashion retail chain, unveils the “Chateau Grey Velvet” Campaign photos. Now in its 4th year in Business, with four stores Nationwide and two in-house labels, Grey Velvet has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. The company works tirelessly to give customers the very best of premium Nigerian Fashion without compromising on quality, aesthetic or the overall shopping experience.




The Chateau Grey Velvet campaign is a modern chic concept that epitomizes all that the brand has to offer! The carefully curated pieces showcase the wide range of brands they carry and the company’s passion for catering to the fashion needs of the modern Nigerian woman. From their work wear pieces to outfits for weddings and events to casual kaftans; Grey Velvet celebrates the elegance, sophistication and multifaceted nature of Nigerian women.


Brands featured in the campaign include Grey, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Bland2Glam, Orange Culture, Ituen Basi, Fia Factory, Kamokini, Aimas and Grey Velvet in- house labels – Isi Brown and Frankie & Co.



All featured pieces are available in stores NOW! #BuyNigerianBuyGreyVelvet


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