William Powell, Georgia man shot in the head after cops respond to call at wrong location succumbsbs to injuries

‘…Wrong call, Wrong policing, impetous shooting and a 63 year old father of 3 is dead, executed on his own front lawn, simply because he stepped out to investigate the commotion on his property in the early hours of Wednesday’

William Powell, 63,  shot in his driveway at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, by cops as he emerged from his house armed with a hand gun

Officers say they THOUGHT they were responding to call from home where shots had been fired.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation admits cops responded to wrong address, but identified themselves and stayed in driveway, Powell came out of his garage armed, refused to drop his weapon

Officer fired shots, hitting Powell in the neck. 

Next door neighbors dispute police story, claim they saw cop shine a flashlight into Powell’s house – “If you’re a cop, you don’t go up to someone’s house [in the early hours] and start shining your light in their window”

The airforce vet died of the gun shot wounds, late Thursday

A Georgia man shot by police who showed up to the wrong house during a 911 call has died. Relatives had gathered around William Powell in the hospital, where he was taken after being shot in the neck by a Henry County officer Wednesday morning.
According to the three officers who admittely responded to a house call at the wrong address, the 63-year-old homeowner came out of his Stockbridge house with a handgun, and did not comply with commands to put it down before an officer opened fire, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said. Powell’s family confirmed Thursday night that the  Air Force vet and father of three, had died.

william powell2Powell was shot by officers when he stepped out of his garage to investigate why his dogs were barking at 1:30 AM, Wednesday morning

Henry County police responded to a 911 call reporting gunshots and an unknown female yelling for help. Three officers were dispatched to the neighborhood.
“Based on the directions given to the police officers there, they wound up at the residence of Mr. Powell,” stated Scott Dutton with the GBI.
Upon arrival at 690 Swan Lake Road, officers spotted William Powell, 63, who was armed with a handgun. According to the GBI, officers told Powell to drop his handgun, but he did not comply. Powell was then shot by one of the officers in the neck. Powell was taken to Atlanta Medical Center where he later died
A neighbor describes Powell hearing commotion around 1:30 am and steppeingout his garage door to investigate. He was then shot in his own driveway.
The GBI confirms Henry County PD responded to wrong address. Powell had nothing to do with the original 911 call.  Investigators did eventually find the house where the woman was screaming, and discovered that: “There was an argument there,  however they indicated that there was no screaming for help or shots fired,” at the intended address, said Dutton.
Henry County police said that three officers identified themselves after arriving at his home, where they came after a caller in the neighborhood reported hearing gunshots.
Wanda Powell Dodd, who said she was Powell’s sister, disputed that cops identified themselves, asked him to drop his gun or even had their patrol lights on.
“The dogs started barking, someone outside. He grabbed his gun and walked outside. As soon as he did, he was shot in the neck,” she posted on Facebook Thursday evening.
“We are all devastated,” she said.
The tragedy of Powell’s death has been particularly bitter given that he likely should not  have had any interaction with the police.  The GBI, which is investigating the shooting, said that “Preliminary review of the 911 call indicates that the officers were at the wrong location.”
Eventually that officer and the two others responded to the correct house. The officer who shot Powell has been place on administrative leave.


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