Shooter of ‘The Voice’ star Christina Grimmie drove to Orlando armed with 2 guns and a hunting knife

The gunman Kevin James Loibl, 27, who fatally gunned down  “The Voice” star Christina Grimmie, 22,  was  dressed to kill, armed to the teeth and had murder on his mind – Orlando police.

The 27-year-old shooter, Kevin James Loibl, arrived at Grimmie’s post-concert autograph session packing two handguns, a large hunting knife and two extra loaded magazines – Orlando Police Chief John Mina .

Police say the death toll would have been worse if her brother, Marcus Grimmie,  had not tackled the gunman after he opened fire

“She was doing a meet-and-greet, just signing autographs and selling merchandise. This white male approached her and opened fire, striking her,” Mina said. “We believe he came here to commit this crime.”

A witness described the scene after the show as a “laid-back vibe” that devolved into “chaos everywhere.”


“I didn’t see the guy come up to her. My back was to her at that moment,” 21-year-old Karla Abel concert goer. “But suddenly there was this sound. I at first thought it was some sort of firecracker, or even something with the microphones inside. It took me a minute to figure out what it was. I think there were like six or seven shots.”

“Everything went f–king crazy,” she added. “People were throwing themselves onto the ground, and covering their heads. All I could do was look at the exit doors and duck and run out. But it was terrifying. Everyone was screaming.”

“Out of nowhere we heard like, five gunshots,” she said. “We were right by the backstage exit so we just ran outside; we sprinted outside…“We’re all just still really in shock and really upset about the whole thing.”

Mina said there was no indication the singer knew her killer.




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