Iris Delgado, a reporter in Philadelphia punched in the face on the air. Video attached

…is this woman of sound mind and body? 

Iris Delgado, a Telemundo reporter was concluding a report outside City Hall on Thursday night when she was approached by a lady in green, Waheedah Wilson.

Wilson can be seen tapping the Telemundo 62 reporter’s right arm, saying, “Excuse me, excuse me.” She then hits Delgado in the head and slaps her face.

journalist attackattack

…just before getting punched in the face

Philadelphia district attorney’s office say Waheeda Wilson has been charged with simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

“Iris Delgado was the victim of an unprovoked attack by an individual while reporting live for Telemundo62’s 11 p.m. local newscast,” a station spokesperson said in a statement. “Thankfully, she is OK and is understandably taking some time off to recover. We look forward to her return.”

“This appears to be a situation where our teams did everything the correct way and something bad happened,” wrote Anzio Williams, Vice President of News for WCAU and WWSI. “While we are thankful our safety and awareness training were beneficial in this situation, it is also a reminder that Safety is First.”


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