Donald Trump is likened to a Nazi following bizarre Orlando response by Stephen Colbert – message was Reich there all along – video

Stephen Colbert, connected the dots on the Donald Trump’s  “nativism” and “fear-mongering” following Orlando’s terror attack — and wound up sketching a giant swastika.

“First of all, before I figure this out, I’ve got to think like Trump, so first, I’m not going to take my meds,” Colbert , tossing a bottle of prescription pills. “Woo! I see patterns where none exist.”

 “Trump is saying Obama is not smart because he won’t say ‘radical Islam,’” he said, sarcastically forging a diagram in chalk. “Trump then says this is inconceivable so something must be going on, probably because Obama is a Muslim, and that’s a bad thing.”

Colbert  mused over a blackboard bearing the presumptive GOP nominee’s name Donald Trump and the many buzzwords he has used in the wake of the Orlando massacre: “Muslim,” “Bad Thing,” “Obama,” “Not Smart,” “Inconceivable,” “Something Going On” and “Radical Islam.” resulting with a the Nazi symbol


Trump repeatedly cast aspersions on President Obama since the massacre in Orlando by the terrorist Omar Mateen, suggesting “there’s something going on” with the commander-in-chief’s reluctance to utter the phrase “radical Islam.”




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