Davina McCall, 48, fit s a fiddle, with an enviable six-pack, confident, successful and great role model

…successful professional life and even cooks in a bikini. How cool is that. Oh and she has a husband and 2 children to boot

Some quotes from Davina

“Looking good in a bikini isn’t about looking skinny – it’s about feeling hot,” she says. “I’m 48, I’ve got a jelly belly – I’ve got extra skin – but I don’t care because I feel good.

“I’ve got cellulite on the back of my legs. I don’t care. I think I look good. My husband thinks I look good. That is what I want to share with everybody.”

“My one really good bit of my body is my tummy – I’m always taking selfies showing it. My knees are really weird and I’ve always had kind of straight legs, not shapely.

“But as you go on through life, you become a lot more accepting of where you’re at. I might not be physically perfect but my forte is my bum and my stomach. I’ve come to accept that.”

Davina has devised a new five-week bikini tum diet, starting tomorrow, to help tackle that most difficult of body trouble-spots.

It helps to be fit but you don’t have to be skinny to feel good about yourself

…watch this spot for updates and tips


Davina-McCall (1)Davina-McCall (3)



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