Any Police in Oakland free of sin?  3rd acting police chief steps down in a week amid racist texts, teenage prostitute Celeste Guap sex scandal. Mayor exasperated ‘frat house’

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf blasted a “toxic macho culture” at a press conference about the acting police chief resigning

Acting chief Paul Figueroa is stepping down after only two days the latest casualty of disarray in a department that is now on its fourth head in a little over a week.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said that he had offered his resignation and that assistant chiefs will report to City Administrator Sabrina Landreth while a new replacement is found.

There was no immediate reason for why Figueroa is withdrawing from his position, though a reporter said that it involved racial texts and emails.

A visibly frustrated mayor told reporters that she and her city administrator will “root out what is clearly a toxic macho culture.”

“I am here to run a police department, not a frat house,” Schaaf said, repeatedly saying that she was not giving details because she does not want to jeopardize getting the “strongest punishment allowed.”

A racist text scandal previously rocked the force in the city across the bay, San Francisco, during a span of a few months where top police officials in the area have not been not long for their jobs.

Oakland’s trouble started last month, when an investigation into the suicide of an officer last year revealed his and other officers’ involvement with a teenage prostitute known as Celeste Guap.

Some of the police chiefs affected

The scandal widened when the sex worker, now 18, told the repoters that she had sex with two dozen officers from Oakland and other nearby departments, including three while she was underage.

Guap, the daughter of a police dispatcher also claimed that officers would give her inside information about anti-prostitution raids and that she would talk to the wife of Oakland chief Sean Whent about “dating an officer.”

Whent, resigned last Thursday, after what local outlets reported was criticism of the way he handled the investigation into wrongdoing by his officers.

Ben Fairow, an assistant chief of the police for the BART mass transit system, was picked as a replacement by Schaaf and was originally supposed to hold the title for six months

However, he was fired on Wednesday after the mayor said she received information that caused her to lose confidence in her choice and that she had made a mistake in not vetting him properly.

Celeste Guap the teenage prostitute in the middle of the scandal

BART chief Kenton Rainey said in a statement that Fairow had admitted to having an affair with a woman a decade ago when he was married.

He his former employee would go back to his old position at the transit system, and that Fairow had done anything that would disqualify him from doing his job.

Schaaf said that Figueroa was not involved in the sex scandal, which now appears to be another commonality that San Francisco and Oakland’s departments share in addition to racist texts


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