Guilty and sentenced to Life:  3 of Seventeen lions found guilty of murder. 17 lions were rounded up after a teenager was dragged from his bed and killed – video

3 man-eating lions have received a ‘life sentence’ after they were identified as having consumed humans.

The male and two females will be kept in captivity for the rest of their lives, having been deemed too dangerous to be released.
A total of 17 lions were rounded up after a 14-year-old boy was dragged away while sleeping outside his house in the Gir National Forest in Gujarat state, India.
Lion charges directly at little boy before smashing into glass wall

The boy was the third person killed since April in the area, prompting protests by villagers who demanded authorities hunt down the man-eaters.
Gujarat’s chief conservator, AP Singh, said wildlife officials identified the three lions by analysing the lions’ faeces and paw prints. Human remains were found in the faeces of the three lions.
The behaviour of the animals was also observed – cats which have targeted humans often act more aggressively towards people.
It is believed the male had attacked and killed the humans, while the females had eaten the leftovers.



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