NYPD blues: Jona Rechnitz, Orthodox Jewish businessman, allegedly ordered a wild, sex-fueled plane ride to Las Vegas for NYPD favors demanded kosher food for the return trip

Jona Rechnitz, Orthodox Jewish businessman requested kosher meal on the return trip following a ‘mile-high romp with a call girl and NYPD officers at center of corruption scandal’

Real-estate investor Jona Rechnitz — who shelled out $59,000 for the round-trip travel — requested kosher deli sandwiches and a fruit platter for the group’s flight to Teterboro, NJ.

But airline manifests show the same six passengers got “standard stock” meals for the outbound flight, where call girl Gabi Grecko said she had group sex with the men, including Deputy Inspector James Grant.

Reports show Rechnitz, who is said to be cooperating with the feds in a bid for leniency, griped about having to pay the government its share for the shady getaway.



“Tax is 2k each way???” he wrote on Jan. 31, 2013, two days before the trip to Sin City.

“Tax is 7.5 %,” replied Keli McCabe-LaCrete of the Apollo Jets charter company.

Details of the cross-country trip has been revealed by the Post after speaking exclusively with Grecko, who is identified in court papers as “Prostitute-1.”

Hours later, prosecutors demanded Grecko, 27, turn over the “sexy stewardess” outfit she wore aboard the eight-seat Bombardier Challenger 300 jet, sources said.

The feds also want Grecko’s photos from the Super Bowl-weekend excursion — two of which were published by The Post — and any related communications, sources said.


Grecko has said Rechnitz’s pal, Jeremy Reichberg, directed the kinky action on the plane.

“He’d call me a dirty slut while smacking my a- -,” she recalled.

She also said she was paid a paltry $1,500 for the trip, because the men placed a big bet on the San Francisco 49ers, who lost Super Bowl XLVII to the Baltimore Ravens, 34-31.

She spoke briefly to reporters before a Friday meeting with her lawyer, saying her role in the alleged gifts-for-favors scheme was “very embarrassing.”



“It was a dark time in my life. I had to support myself, and I had no other way to pay rent,” she said. “It’s not something I’m proud of, and I definitely don’t want it to define me or my career.”

“I am a designer and a reality-TV star, etc.,” .

She also uploaded the video below on Instagram following her meeting with lawyer Robert Baum

“Hey, everyone, it’s me, your favorite girl — just kidding,”  “I can definitely say today has been an incredibly scandalous day, but we all have a past and you know all of us who never give up on our dreams have done everything to hustle in order to get the things we want in life.”

“And you should never be ashamed of that. Everyone has a past. What’s your past?”
used to be married to Australian medical entrepreneur Dr. Geoffrey Edelsten.

A criminal complaint unsealed on Monday, Grecko confirmed to the feds that she “was engaged to accompany the persons on the trip and that Grant and others took advantage of her services during the trip.”

Lawyers for Rechnitz and since-fired Detective Michael Milici, who isn’t charged, have called Grecko’s claims “unfounded,” while the fifth man on the plane, Marco Franco, denied that either he or Rechnitz had sex with her.

Grant’s lawyer, John Meringolo, said Friday: “We hope the government investigates the inconsistent statements against my client over the last few days.”



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