Afluenza Justice: John Enochs, former Indiana University frat boy, 2 rape cases, 2 convictions, 1 day in jail – plea deal gets 1 year probation … anybody care about justice?

…’ Thanks to social media, the official miscarriage of justice which appears common place when ‘connected’ young people commit heinous crimes is being exposed for the double standards it imposes on the public.  The same legal system system that would rob a promising student of a potential college career for sexting with a peer or impose lengthy incarceration for barely investigated rape charges, gives a free pass to convicted rapists and killers. Who protects the public from instances of grave injustice?’

John Enochs, former Indiana Univ student  has been accused of raping two women on campus struck took a plea deal and had two felony rape charges dropped
Enochs, 21 , forcibly assaulted a victim at frat party and raped another woman while she was passed out at another party two years earlier
Sum of restitution for Enochs for the two rape convictions: 6 months probation on each count and 1 day he’d spent in jail.
More of the affluenza syndrome spreading through the American judicial system, twitter compares John Enochs to the setencing of ‘Stanford rapist’ Brock Turner and ‘Affluenza Teen’ Ethan Couch
John Enochs, convicted on two rape case. Plea bargain saw him spend only one day in jail for the assaults.

In a verdict remniscent of the controversial light sentencing handed down in the Brock Turner Stanford rape case, John Enochs, 21, a former IU business student from Downers Grove, Ill., will serve one year of probation after accepting a plea deal. He agreed to plead guilty to battery with moderate bodily injury (class A misdemeanor) and his two rape charges were dismissed. Court records also show he spent eaxactly one day in jail.

Enochs was facing two counts of rape, in two separate cases from 2013 and 2015. Both assaults, on fellow students occured on campus at Indiana University in Bloomington.  In the most recent case, Enochs allegedly raped a woman at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house during a party.

Alleged crime scene, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity house at Indiana University

The victim told police she’d been raped at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house, but didn’t know her alleged attacker. The victim stated in an affidavit that  she been drinking with her friends in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity’s courtyard when she left to find a bathroom, says the station. She said the next thing she remembered was being in a private room, where an unknown man was having sex with her.
brock-allen-turner1 (1)Brock Turner, frat boy cum student athlete got 6 months for raping an unconcious woman


Ethan Couch, the ‘ Affluenza Teen’ initially got away with  killing 4 and maiming several others as a drunk  underage driver. Now serving 2 years for violating the terms of his probation.

According to the report the victim repeatedly told him to stop, but he held her down while assaulting her. She went to the bathroom after the rape and stayed there until her friends found her, and she told them what happened.
The incident  was reported to the police and a rape kit administered by a nurse. The police viewed security footage from the fraternity house which showed Enochs enter a room with the woman. She later identified him as her rapist, and investigators found Enochs’ DNA on her.
The health officials determined she suffered a laceration to her genitals.
While investigating that report, police uncovered a similar case from 2013. The victim in that case agreed to help investigators, and Enochs was later arrested based off of DNA evidence and witness statements.
In the earlier attack, the victim did not press charges but changed her mind after hearing the recent case. She told the Indiana University Police Department that Enochs raped her in her residence on Oct. 12, 2013, where a group gathered before attending a Greek function off campus,
The woman told police she didn’t remember what happened, but friends told police they saw Enochs having sex with her while she was passed out at the Delta Zeta sorority house, reports the station.
Enochs who had denied the charges earlier last year, accepted a plea deal and was sentenced Thursday.
John Enochs will serve one year of probation after accepting a plea deal. He agreed to plead guilty to battery with moderate bodily injury (class A misdemeanor) and his two rape charges were dismissed.
An IU authorities said Enochs is no longer enrolled at the school, and has not graduated.


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