Hailey Suder, cheerleader charged with kidnap and murder of a homeless man

An 18-year old Santee, CA, woman, Hailey Suder, is behind bars, facing a murder charge for the beating death of a homeless man.

Hailey Suder is now the third person arrested in connection with the murder of George Lowery, 50, on April 24.

Hailey Suder, of Santee, is accused of watching her boyfriend, Austin Mostrong, and his brother, Preston Mostrong, kill George Lowery in April in Santee, California, NBC San Diego reports.

Suder is suspected of being present when Lowery was killed, and helping the brothers escape, but police do not believe she took part in the attack, the news station reports. She was initially charged with first-degree murder, but the charge was dropped Monday. She has pleaded not guilty.

hailey-suder-1Hailey Suder (facebook)

She was a senior at Santana High School at the time of the beating. The brothers were arrested in early May and have been held on $3 million bail since.

“This was a brutal, heinous, just cold-hearted case, and as the evidence comes out, I’d say the murder charges and the torture charges are very much warranted in this case,” Deputy District Attorney George Modlin told reporters after the Mostrongs were arraigned in May.

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Two Santee brothers were earlier arrested, accused of murder, torture, robbery and kidnapping in a beating that ultimately took a homeless man’s life – San Diego County Sheriff’s Department officials.

George Lowery, 50, was beaten with “fists and feet” in an assault on Sunday that homicide investigators describe as “a very horrific event.”


Katey Torres, daughter has set up a GoFundMe account to help the family.

“My mother Penny found her husband of 25 years brutally beaten, bloody, tied up, face down and unconscious. Covered up to die. When the ambulances arrived they preformed life saving measures he was taken to the hospital in critical condition and was told there was no hope for him surviving,”

“He suffered a stroke and two brain hemorrhages over the course of 5 days that our family spent every second by his side in that hospital. My father was a generous man. Although he did not have much he was always giving. Anyone he came across loved his personality and he was always talking to people. Anyone he saw that needed help or just needed a smile he’d be there liftin
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g your spirits. If someone was in need he would do what he could to help, no matter how hard the task. If he came across good fortune, he shared it. His whole life revolved around his wife Penny. Working and doing any handy work he could to provide for him and his wife and family.”

She said her father was declared brain dead and died April 29 and his organs have been donated – Torres

Police believe it was a planed attack


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